Enniskerry, 1910 Commercial interests mapped

Excerpt from Porter’s Directory for Enniskerry, 1910

Some notes and information on commercial interests according to Porter’s Directory, 1910 mapped on a Google map. Locations are approximate based on placename given. Green pins = farmer, red pin = local business, yellow pin = doctor, purple pin = accomodation. Click on a pin to see the name in each case. The full extract with details of the village is given below, as sourced from IGP-Web.
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An important village in the Parish of Powerscourt, about four and half miles from Bray Railway Station in the barony and Union of Rathdown and Catholic Diocese of Dublin and Protestant Diocese of Glendalough. It is the head of a Petty sessional District. This is the most beautiful district in all Ireland. No language can describe it. Every man, woman and child should see it; and owing to the kindness of the Proprietor of the estate, Lord Powerscourt, visitors to the Powerscourt Arms Hoted are afforded every opportunity of viewing the superb beauty of the district, which would require a well spent week to explore. A car leaves Bray Station for Enniskerry at frequent intervals during the day in summer. Population -235-


Viscount Monk-Charleville/Lord Powerscourt-Powerscourt Castle/ Sir Robert Hodson -Bart-Hollybrook/ A Chatterton -Kilgarron/ R M Barrington -Fassaroe/Albert H R M Meldon/ Henry Sandys, Patrick Henry Esq., -Clerk.

  • DISPENSARY OFFICER- R W Brew, B. A. , M.B., C.Ch.
  • CONSTABULARY-Daniel Chambers, Sergt and four constables
  • Catholic Church- Father McGrath, C.C./Father McCarroll, C.C.
  • Catholic School-Christopher O’Rourke-Master/ Mrs O’Rourke -Mistress/Miss Kelly Assistant


  • John Alexander confectioner, tea rooms, & apartments
  • George Bradner Farmer Tonygarrow
  • James Breheny Family Butcher
  • Richard Brew, M.B. T.C.D. physician & surgeon & medical officer, Powerscourt Dispensary
  • Francis Buckley Farmer Ballybrew
  • Mrs Hannah Buckley Family grocer & drapery Enniskerry
  • Thomas Buckley Farmer Monastery
  • Mrs Isabella Buckley Farmer Lackendarragh Lower
  • Wm. A Buckley Farmer Chrompstown
  • James Bunn Farmer & Dining rooms Killegar
  • Mrs Eliza ( George) Burton Farmer Barnamire
  • Mrs Elizabeth Burton ( Richard) Farmer Barnamire
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Burton Farmer Kilmalin
  • George Burton Jnr. Farmer Barnamire
  • Andrew Byrne Farmer Glaskenny
  • Brigid Byrne Farmer Cloon
  • A Chatterton J.P. Knocksink Estate Agent
  • Thomas Collins Temperance Hotel and Restaurant Cookstown
  • John Cullen Coachman
  • Mrs Cuthbert Farmer Killegar
  • Anthony Doyle Farmer Killigar
  • John Doyle Bootmaker
  • Joseph Doyle Apartments
  • John Gaskins  Private Apartments


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