Powerscourt National School – ED 2 Files (Archive Month #13)

The following transcriptions come from the ED2 files for Enniskerry, later named Powerscourt National School. The school came into connection with the Board quite late – over 30 years after the Board was established. For more context and detail, see the book for more. The ED2 files are held in the National Archives of Ireland, and they detail minuted notes made about each school. According to the National Archives on their website:

(ED 2 files) are primarily minute books of all proceedings taken in connection with each school. Each school is given a folio number, and at the head of each folio are particulars of the school, as follows: roll number, location, relation if any to religious house, date of establishment, date when taken into connection by the Board, particulars of lease, patrons, controlling committee if any, number and dimensions of schoolrooms, and various particulars relating to the financing of the school. In addition to minutes, the registers may also contain material relating to school finances, attendance, and abstracts of reports by inspectors. Registers for the period 1832-c.1900 are accessible. Those for the period thereafter are inaccessible.

ED2/157 – Folio 4

Note at top says transferred to District 38 from 1.4.79. School became connected with board 8/1/1867.

Date Notes
8-Jun-1867 A modified grant of £15 salary to James Doherty from 1 Dec 1866. Books for 40 pupils – sale stock £1:5:0. Visct. Powerscourt Patron listed as correspondent, James Doherty, appointed 1.12.1866, left 19.1.71.
19.2.67 Lord Powerscourt to be patron and manager
26 Apr 1867 Revd Charles McDonagh reappointed manager Denis A ? Christian? principal, appointed 19.6.71, left 15.4.75
10 June 1868 As to teaching of English history and texts of scripture on walls – “no action” Michael B Redmond [appointed 15.5.75, left 11.5.76]
13 Oct 1868 Text of scripture tablets removed from walls
27 Aug 1869 As to neglect of timetable – wait next report, Rev H Galbraith named as manager and correspondent
12 Aug 1870 Re memo – Lord Powerscourt informed that commissioners can have no objection to the employment of the teacher as secretary to the Enniskerry Omnibus Company provided that the duties be performed will not interfere with the discharge of his duties as school master during school hours.
Jan 5 1871 On [board ref] 10368-70 from teacher James Doherty asking to be allowed to return a sewing machine which he purchased under the impression that it would be his private property – manager informed of this request and that the machine was purchased for the school and cannot be removed.
20 Mar 1873 As to religious instruction and accounts – wait
12 Jan 1874 DA Christian admonished and fine threatened for malmanagement in his school accounts
31 Mar 1874 Map of B. Isles to be provided – Senior boys to be instructed in algebra
21 April 1874 Rev H Galbraith AM recognised as manager

As to accounts, wait

9 Feb 1875 DA Christian reprimanded severely for irregularities in school accounts, reminded of admonition of 12.1.74, warned that if again detected tampering with his school accounts he will be declared ineligible for service in any NS
22 Feb 1875 Manager informed that having referred his letter relative to admonition to teacher of 13/11. The commissioners see no reason for further enquiry – while the commissioners consider Mr Christian’s conduct deserving of censure, they do not mean to imply that there was in it, anything dishonest of fraudulent.
28 Jan 1876 Name of school changed to Powerscourt
24 Feb 1879 Vacations excessive


James Doherty1.12.66 – 19.1.71

Denis A Christian 19.6.71 – 15.4.75

Michael B Redmond 15.5.75 – 11.5.76

S Jackson, Principal, 25.9.76 to 25.11.76

W Marshall, Principal, 27.11.76 to 23.12.76

James Sweetman, 1.1.77 to 31.12.78

Wm Pattison 1.1.79

At bottom, “Application L34/88 – School removed from Mod. Grant list and reopened as an ordinary school from 1.1.88 – see folio 83 also”.

ED2/151 – Folio 34

States that school became connected with board on 8th June 1869 [must have taken down incorrectly, see ED2/157, Folio 4], it’s non-vested, Lord Powerscourt is the original applicant, Rev H Galbraith is the correspondent.

Date Notes
15 Jul 1879 Rev EH Whelan ?recognized manager ?pro term?

Manager listed as Rev H Galbraith, William Pattison is principal teacher

1880 Re correspondence 17/11/79 – Rules — all satisfactorily – Wm Pattison’s conditional classification not confirmed

Correspondence 19.8.80 – classification of Wm Pattison (I2) confirmed from date of his appointment 1.1.79.

1882 Wm Pattison is ineligible for admission to this year’s examination as a candidate for promotion as school owing to average daily attendance and small number of pupils in senior class does not rank as a 1st class school.

ED2/157 – Folio 83

Date Note
17 July 1890 Manager informed that time devoted to needlework is insufficient to warrant commissioners in recognising Miss Cole as workmistress
23 Jan 1894 Miss Magt Pattison appointed workmistress from 1st Jan 1894.
26 Oct 1895 Manager informed that as the monitor Jane Hanan is considerably over the prescribed age (16 years) her appointment from 1st July 1895 cannot be confirmed.
9 Nov 1895 Decision of commissioners already advises in case of Jane Hanan cannot be departed from
14 Feb 1896 Manager to direct the teacher to amend his timetable so as to provide for the instruction of every girl enrolled in second and higher classes for at least one hour daily as required by rule 9.
13 April 1896 Mrs Fannie Flinn recognised as competent for the position of workmistress.
11 April 1896 Exemption from alternative scheme for 6th class girls granted for ‘current’ results year
25 Jan 1899 Rev GN Smith recognised as pro-term manager furing the absence of — Galbraith
29 April 1902 Prolonged closing of school for epidemic in portion of December [unreadable] – manager informed that propoer cause will be made in full if manager undertakes to so curtail the vacations as to comply with rule 102 (200 days in operation)

As to appointment of Revd A E Gick? As manager pro term see file 17827, entered under roll no 12710, folio 98.

Rev DE Newcombe recognised as manager on nomination of Lord Powerscourt.

Registration continued in Co Wicklow, Vol I, Folio 62.


  • William Pattison, Principal
  • 1896: Samuel Flinn, Principal; Frances Flinn, Workmistress.

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