School Photographs

Some school photographs from the past – ca. 1950s? If you know anyone who isn’t identified or have a more accurate date, let me know. Click on each image to see a larger version.



4 thoughts on “School Photographs

  1. Wow!! this is amazing. My Dad, Brendan McNulty and my 2 uncles, George and Tommy are in these photos. My Dad Brendan is still alive and living in Blackpool, where he emigrated to in 1958. Loved Enniskerry, used to visit every summer and stay with my grandparents on Church Hill. Played in ‘the Dargle’ and spent numerous hours playing in Powerscourt. The good old days 🙂

  2. Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for your comments – that’s great! My granny was a McNulty, so I guess somewhere along the line we are related!


  3. Hi Michael, these are great photo’s. I have an aunt/uncle in each of them with the Sutton’s. Sadly Kay (Kathleen) and Noel passed on in the 90’s but Rosie and Paddy are very much with us. I will have to send the link to them.
    I’ve got a couple of photo’s of the townspeople of the 50’s that I will upload when I get a minute. One of them is of the football team and has a Seery in it, just says D Seery, so maybe you can shed some light on his first name.

    Kind Regards
    Katy Sutton

    • Dear Katy,
      Thanks, it would be great to see those photos. D is probably Dick or Donal, depending on the era.
      Thanks for getting in touch,

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