Whites of Parknasillogue in the 1930’s

Call for any information on Whites of Parknasillogue in the 1930’s. They may have lived in Parknasilla House. If you have any knowledge of this family, do let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Whites of Parknasillogue in the 1930’s

  1. There were no whites in Parknasillogue in the 1930’s as per Thoms Directory the was a Patrick White in Killmacanogue in that time period in Parknasillogue was a Frank Mac Guire and prior to that as per Census 1911 in Parknasillogue was a David James. A Kevin White up on fraud charge 1936 address was given as student Parknasillogue House

  2. There were no White Family in Parknasillogue 1930-1942 there was a said a Patrick White in Kilmacanogue In Parknasllogue House 1911 census was David James In Parknasillogue House1930-1942 was Frank Mac Guire A Kevin White charged with Fraud 1936 gave the address as Parknasillogue house occupation student the half brother also charged and convicted of fraud lived in New Street

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