Pathe News Reels

This is a great find by Úna Wogan, who sent me on the details. They are a series of British Pathe newsreels based in and around Enniskerry and Powerscourt. I’ve divided the ones I can find into the categories below. Click on any of the links below to play. You can enlarge by clicking on the screen expand button at the bottom of the screen, beside the volume marker. Some videos are silent.

Do you know anyone or any stories relating to these newsreels?


Horse-Jumping Competition, Powerscourt, 1923, no audio:

Horse-Jumping at Powerscourt, 1924, no audio:

Lady Powerscourt presents prizes, 1925, no audio:

Powerscourt Juming Competitions, 1927, no audio:

Channel Swim wins for Major Fox, Powerscourt, 1928, no audio:

Novices Good Display, Powerscourt, 1931, no audio:


Kelly wins Enniskerry Hill Climb, 1950, with audio (footage of Bog Meadow, Dublin Road):


Powerscourt Ploughing Competition, 1923, no audio:

Powerscourt Ploughing Match, 1931, no audio:


Princess Grace is Belle of Irish Ball, Powerscourt, 1965, with audio:

Irish Fashions Displayed, 1963, Powerscourt, with audio:

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  1. Yes I know
    The hill limb news reel one about Kelly,
    I use to watch him race there in the 1980s as a child I remember it well.
    Red kelly

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