Tinnehinch Labourers 1828

The following names of workers on the Tinnehinch estate of James Grattan, were taken from the Workmen’s accounts book, 1828 (NLI MS 5516). As with the Powerscourt workmen’s accounts, daily activities are listed, and a sample daily activity is shown here. Interesting that it is a different set of names to those found around the Enniskerry area for Powerscourt. The Monck (Charleville) names will be an interesting comparison to both Powerscourt and Tinnehinch.

Alex Toole In stable
Patrick Kelly Putting in potatoes
Edward Jones Picking apples
James Neal In garden
Thomas Neal Drawing stones
Charles McDonnell In garden
Thomas? Grantham with black horse
Daniel Gallagher Drawing timber
Michael Murphy Trashing
Thomas? Doyle pulling straw for cottage
James Doyle Tatching Jones’ house
Matthew Toner? In garden
William Neal Spudling potatoes
Thomas Doyle B Poast
William Doyle B With cows
Richard Toner B Gate
Mary Byrne Picking potatoes
Mary Conner Picking potatoes
Mary Knox? Picking potatoes
Mary McDonnell Picking potatoes
Ann Lyons Picking potatoes
Thomas McDonnell Picking potatoes
Gerry/Genny Neal Picking potatoes
Mary Gleeson Picking potatoes
Thomas Doyle Picking potatoes
Thomas Basset Picking potatoes
Stephen Kavanagh Sleator
Stephen Breslin Mason
Luke Burne
Ellen Harris
George Long

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  1. I appear to be a progeny of Alexander Toole, albeit a couple of generations on… Excellent find… We Kelly’s and Tooles…

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