“People of Enniskerry” Photograph Exhibition

Saturday 24th August 2013 Parochial Hall Enniskerry 2 – 5pm

A small portion of the Enniskerry History Exhibition held in May included a collection of old family photographs that had been shared on the Enniskerry History web site. The photos were a great hit, with villagers recognising old neighbours, friends and family members.

We are very aware that not everyone has access to, or the ability to use, computers or the Internet so we intend to hold this exhibition to display all of the photos collected so far.

Photo Appeal

8935633401_cdb2c67708It would be wonderful to collect more photographs either before the exhibition or on the day. In addition to the enjoyment it would provide to those visiting the exhibition we feel it would be a wonderful way to preserve all our old photographs for future generations. So we appealing for all photographs up to and including the 1970’s. 

If you are interested in contributing to the photograph collection you can;

  • Bring along your photographs to the exhibition and we can copy them for you
  • Make copies yourself and bring them along or drop them in to Kennedy’s of Enniskerry addressed to Michael Seery
  • Contact any of the following to arrange copying of your photographs: Úna Wogan on 086 167 6316 or Margaret Blackburn on 01 282 8764 or Michael Seery on 086 084 3757
  • If people have the facilities to scan photos themselves they can upload or email them to:  enniskerrylocalhistory@gmail.com

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