School Days

(L-R): Catriona Monaghan, Cormac Mac Raois, Angela O'Neill, Kay Smithers, Una Davis, Pauline Slevin, Tom Slevin, Mairead Gregory, John Clarke

After an incredible 45 years in service, Kay Smithers retired in 1982. She taught at least two if not three generations of Enniskerry children. Her career began before the “new” school was built beside St Mary’s Church.

Here is a photo of the teachers in Enniskerry National School at the time of her retirement (thanks Mervyn Tyndall). (L-R): Catriona Monaghan, Cormac Mac Raois, Angela O’Neill, Kay Smithers, Una Davis, Pauline Slevin, Tom Slevin, Mairead Gregory, John Clarke.

Mr and Mrs Corcoran school roomI just love this image of Mr Corcoran in a classroom with some school children at the time (thanks to Noel Corcoran). They look like they are on their best behaviour. Mr Corcoran and his wife taught in Enniskerry from I think 1936 and 1940 respectively.

Miss Sweeney retired 1968The last of the teachers is Miss Sweeney, who retired in 1968.




Next, a series of images of Holy Communions. The first shows Mrs Corcoran, school teacher and includes Pauline Tuite. The 2nd and 3rd show the class with Fr Delaney and Fr Mullaney (1965).

communion day

Corcoran 8

This is probably a good place to repost school group photos (thanks to Dick Seery). In the first photo, the girl looking down in the middle of the centre row identified herself last weekend as Eithne Kane née Doran. Click to enlarge:

School3 School1 School2

 Another photo from the early 50s (I’m sorry, I have forgotten the contributor):



9 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Love all new photographs submitted recently, wish I could have been there for the gathering.
    Tom Delaney.

  2. First communion photo, girl to the left of the two boys on the right of the photo is my mother, Jackie Vickers, photo must be from 70/71 perhaps?

  3. Very excited to come across some photos of my grandparents Thomas and Mai Corcoran of Ferndale house, could you please tell me how to obtain the book which contains them?
    Sincere thanks,
    Orla Bloomer

  4. Orla one of my earliest memories is your dad Denis swinging me around by the arms in your grandparents front garden on a lovely summers day, Hope you’re all well. Úna

    (no book of photos available yet, we’re going to see how many we can collect first)

  5. How lovely to see the article and photograph of my late aunt Kay Smithers on her retirement from teaching. I have many wonderful memories of her, particularly of a holiday spent with her in 1964. Auntie Kitty (as we called her) came to Manchester and, along with my three brothers, we returned to Enniskerry with her for a few weeks.

    My father Johnnie Smithers is the last surviving member of a wonderful, loving family, the likes of which will never again be seen. May they all rest in peace.

    Diane Lynch (nee Smithers) Manchester.

  6. Diane, I can guarantee you that everyone over the age of 40 up to those in their 70’s that went to school in Enniskerry national School remembers your aunt.

  7. Una (sorry can’t find the fada on my iPad), thank you for your lovely comment. Auntie Kay obviously touched the hearts of those she taught. Like me, you must have some good memories of her.

  8. Little did I know when I wrote the above comment about my late Auntie Kay that my darling dad ( Johnnie Smithers ) would be re-united with his family. He passed away suddenly but peacefully on Saturday,26/4/14. Re-united with my dear mum who passed away suddenly on 2/11/2013. May God rest them all.

  9. sorry for your loss Brigid, may your father rest in peace. Great to hear about Miss Smithers’ (as she was known to us all) family

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