Gathering our Genealogies: 2013 Journal Call for Submissions

Journal2013 FlyerSubmissions are invited for articles to the 2013 Journal of Enniskerry and Powerscourt Local History. The theme this year is “Gathering our Genealogies“. The journal is a serial published in hard copy annually. Previous journal issues can be found on the journal page. It is hoped that this journal will allow people to showcase their own research into their family history as well as share good practice and ideas on genealogical sources relevant to our area.

Contributions are welcome from everyone on the following topics:

  • A family history or part of a family history.
  • An interesting character from the past, with emphasis on genealogical records.
  • Genealogical sources for North Wicklow.

In preparing a submission, emphasis should be placed on readability. Please note that living persons should only be mentioned with their written permission, and only by gender and date of birth.  

7 thoughts on “Gathering our Genealogies: 2013 Journal Call for Submissions

  1. My ancestor, lieutenant Colonel Edward Eardley Wilmot was born in Queens County (date?town or village?).His daughter Isabelle Eliza Wilmot(born in? where?) successively married John Hartpole Lecky,(father of William Hartpole Lecky) and Thomas Henry Dalzell 8th Earl of Carnwath.As soon as (or just after) 1855, she lived in Enniskerry.
    Can you give me information about these people?
    Thank you, cordially.
    J-C Blanque

    • Isabella Eliza Wilmot was born in Ireland, possibly Queens County but maybe Dublin 1820 and married 1st John Hartpole Lecky 20/4/1841 at Storrington, Sussex the parish of her uncle by marriage the Rev. William Bradford(1780-1857). Lecky died about 1853. She married 2nd, Thomas Henry Dalzell(1797-1867) 7th Earl of Carnwarth on 2/5/1855 at Taney Church, Dublin Co., by special licence. Thomas died at Bagneres de Bigorre, French Pyrenees on 14/12/1867. Perhaps he had gone to Lourdes for some illness. Isabella died at Kensington, London aged 82 years on 16/10/1902.

  2. Jean Claude

    I found a piece in the old newspapers stating Isabelle died in 1857 aged 70 years. This of course makes her birth date around 1782 which might make it difficult to find any record of it.

    I found a letter in the papers dated 1846 from Edward Wilmot and his address was given as “Woodbrook”, Portarlington, a large estate in Co Laois or as it was known, Queens County. I assume this was their “estate” in Ireland and probably where Edward was born. Perhaps there are estate records archived here in Ireland, I’m sure you’d find out more about it on-line. Here’s a modern piece I found about the house


  3. Una,
    je vous remercie des informations communiquées dans un français parfait dont je vous félicite.
    En fait j’ai beaucoup d’informations sur Isabelle Wilmot et sur Thomas Henry Dalzell car ils figurent dans le pairage d’Angleterre, Ecosse et Irlande
    Isabelle est décédée à Kingston (londres) en1902 , Thomas Dalzell à Bagnères de Bigorre (France) en1867. Me manquaient les dates et lieu pour Edward Eardley Wilmot, la date et lieu de naissance de sa fille Isabelle Eliza et aussi de son fils Edouard Wilmot né en 1813, à ? , marié avec Jane Holmes vers 1836, décédé en ? à ?, habitant Parsontow (Birr) en 1838 date de naissance de leur fille Mary Anne Wilmot mon arrière grand mère. Encore un grand merci pour votre aide et votre gentillesse.

  4. I am searching for evidence from either church/state or newspaper sources which might confirm that an ancestor, Aeneas mac Donnell, an agitator and pamphleteer for Catholic emancipation, died in Laragh where he apparently lived, though he was born in Westport, Co. Mayo in 1783.

    I am wondering was he buried in Glendalough or, failing that, back in Westport ?

    Should any of your genealogy enthusiasts be able to help me, I would be most grateful.

    Bye for now,


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