Hydroelectric dam at Knocksink

Just above Knocksink bridge, there is the remains of an old hydroelectric dam that was apparently used to power Powerscourt House. Some photos are below. The area is accessed by a pathway running along side the Parish House; once over an intimidating gravel bank, you are into a Sylvan scene. Hard to believe more isn’t made of this area.

View of the remains of the dam from upstream: Enniskerry Dam Knocksink
Close up of dam wall
Enniskerry Dam Knocksink
River just above dam
Enniskerry Dam Knocksink
Wall built into bank
Dam wall built into bank
This is a kind of culvert that runs parallel to dam – an overflow?
Culvert parallel to river at Enniskerry Dam
Knocksink Bridge from the dam
Knocksink Bridge from Upstream

Úna Wogan sends in this share for the Enniskerry Electrical Supply Co-operative Ltd



3 thoughts on “Hydroelectric dam at Knocksink

  1. I remember the dam when I was child in Enniskerry.
    I also remember It being blown up and breached.
    Though I cannot remember the exact date. We were all stood on
    Knocksink bridge, when it was dynamited. A gentleman named
    Keogh did the deed, I cannot remember his christian name but
    he was an employee of a local quarry. I was friends with some
    of his sons up to the time I left the village for foreign parts.
    Happy memories.

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