Website Photos/Discussion Board

Local Photos

The Local Photos page was never satisfactory as it was difficult to explore, zoom in, or comment on the pictures with the former set-up. I have moved the photos to a Flickr page – you can see all of them and comment on them here:

Over the next while, I hope to include in all of the comments people have made about the pictures. Hopefully this new set up will be easier for people to see and share photos and comment on them!

Discussion Board

The discussion board is also changing. It is also awkward to use and attracts a lot of spam. Now the discussion page is just a page where people can comment as with any other page. I’ve left the old discussion board there, and will take this down after I have moved the comments to the new page. You can find the discussion page at:

I hope these two changes will make it easier to view, and more importantly to share, information and photos on the website.


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