New Book: “Enniskerry: archives, notes & stories from the village”

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the new book which will be sent to printers soon. The details are below. There will be an initial print run of 100 copies, so if you would like to pre-order a copy, just complete this order form. The price is €17.50. For that, you get over 200 pages of Enniskerry history goodness, an index, lots of images, including some new gems. I hope you like it!


This book is a collection of essays, articles, and images gathered over the last two years at the Enniskerry History website. It tells the stories of people living in the village, from all social classes. It provides contemporary reports of buildings, developments, giving perspectives of both residents and visitors to the village. Those interested in their family history will find hundreds of names listed in the various land surveys, work account and pension books and other local sources, brought together and indexed for the first time. The book is illustrated with a diverse range of images of our village.

Size: 209.5 x 209.5 mm (8.25 x 8.25″), 212 pp


3 thoughts on “New Book: “Enniskerry: archives, notes & stories from the village”

  1. Thanks Michael, I’m looking forward to seeing the book. I hope it goes well for you.
    Kind regards, Yanny

  2. Hello Michael,

    I discovered Enniskerry already 30 years ago, I came from France with a friend and I have spent my best vacation there.
    During these few weeks I met a girl I’ll never forget, Linda Seery, maybe you know her?
    I looked evrywhere and many years and still today.
    Unfortunately in vain …

    If you know this woman, please tell her that I have never forgotten.
    thank you anyway for the memories and emotions that brings me your photos and stories.
    Best regards… from France.

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