Some unusual photographs of Enniskerry

Some more unusual images of Enniskerry have come our way in the last fortnight from contributor Nivrum. The first is a view from St Mary’s Church which shows clearly the old National School (where the library is now situated), the bridge over the river, the cottages at the bottom of Kilgarran Hill and St Patrick’s on the hill. It is a really amazing image.

From the church


The second image is a postcard sent 100 years ago. While it’s a more familiar scene, the date mark is fantastic. It is interesting to trace the developments along Church Hill. St Patrick’s dominates the scene – it really illustrates the fantastic positioning of this church before the trees and subsequent housing shielded it from view. 58213_380174608746244_1795422616_n


This final one is another postcard, found on the County Wicklow Heritage Site (well worth checking out). According to them, the message says:

This is where we went for a drive one day and the jarvie let us drive his horse and he (the man) sang for us and we sang for him.  It is great fun here where we are staying and there are other two boys and one girl in the boarding house with us. 

Love from Joseph & Maureen.

Bray Road

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