Terry Wogan’s Ireland: Enniskerry

A recent BBC TV show saw Terry Wogan revisit many parts of Ireland, including the home of his ancestors, Enniskerry. The clip below shows this visit. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything Terry says (or at least how he says it), it is a beautiful piece of film showing Enniskerry and Powerscourt in all their glory. There’s a nice clip showing a photograph of the estate workers of Powerscourt around the turn of the century.

7 thoughts on “Terry Wogan’s Ireland: Enniskerry

  1. Does anyone know if there a list of the people in the photograph of the estate workers of Powerscourt?
    Would be interested to see if my relative is in it. Been trying to match up his face but it’s hard going as white bushy beards seem to be very much in vogue in 1901.


    • I only know my great great grandfather but I’m sure someone told me there is a list of names of those in the photo held in Powerscourt. I’ll try and find out . Úna

  2. Hi allen

    sorry it’s taken so long to reply! I was waiting for a reply from someone else but alas still waiting. As far as I can remember i was told there was a presentation made to Lord Powerscourt by the tenants during the occasion of the photo in 1901and the list of those tenants exist somewhere in Powerscourt. maybe Michael knows more?

  3. No, nothing either. But I’m going through a lot of Powerscourt stuff at the moment, so will keep an eye out. I also wondered if there was something on the back of the photo? It might be worth taking a wnder in sometime!

  4. My father, Hugh O’Neill, leased the quarries from Lord Powerscourt for many years. He was a stonemason who quarried his own stone and was in business for many years. Would anyone know anything about him or the business?

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