10 Irish History Blogs for 2013

There are no shortage of Irish history blogs and the following are ones I check in on regularly or have recently discovered. They are well-researched, well-written and well-illustrated! Some recent posts are linked to give a flavour of their content. In no particular order (apart from No. 10…)

Happy New Year!

  1. The Irish Aesthete: Robert O’Byrne’s new blog is a great addition. His profile of Delvin, Co. Westmeath is a good example of highlighting historically significant buildings in a village that might easily be missed. Also, two houses at different stages of decline: Dowth Hall, due to be sold in January, future uncertain; and a victim of the Celtic tiger, Castle MacGarret.
  2. Jacolette: A gorgeous blog on Irish photography. Bray Head, 1951, a Valentine Postcard and Glamour at a Dublin Wedding 1910 highlight the diversity of this blog.
  3. The Irish Story: Range of well researched, readable articles spanning Irish history. Here’s a nice one on the Bianconi transport system (fascinating!) and one on the Fenian Dynamite campaign. An excellent site.
  4. South Dublin Libraries Local Studies: This is a great blog that often contains really interesting nuggets, such as this article on Firhouse Weir and this one on Old Bawn House; both showing a good use of archival material. Great that the library is involved in this.
  5. Turtle Stuff: Not a blog but Turtle Bunbury writes on a broad range of historical facts on the Wistorical Facebook page, check out the Night of the Big Wind
  6. Marsh’s Library: Should be a blog – please! But their Facebook is fantastic, eclectic and always interesting. See this Bear Powered Wheel and one of a never-ending supply of unusual maps, this one is of the moon.
  7. Ireland in Ruins: Great photoblog with details about ruins and how to get there. Here’s a post about Old Kilcoole Church and another on an Ogham stone in West Wicklow.
  8. Come Here to Me: A prolific blog with all sorts of random features on Dublin life and architecture. Now in book form (which sold out at Christmas). Recent posts include details of the last Cage Workhouse and a post on the building of what is now the Rates Office.
  9. Arran Q Henderson: I only happened on this blog recently, but it is really good. I liked this post on the origins of St Patrick’s Cathedral and I’m looking forward to reading a series of Cromwell related posts.
  10. NLI Blog: I will finish with my favourite. The National Library of Ireland started this blog to give a flavour of what is in its collection, the preservation work it does, as well as all sorts of random contributions from library visitors. I loved this article highlighting their conservation work, but my all time favourite was The Course of True Love.

Any I have missed out on?

4 thoughts on “10 Irish History Blogs for 2013

  1. Very useful post, Michael. A number of these are new to me, including Ireland in Ruins. To my shame, haven’t been to either of the sites you mention – these and others on the site sound perfect destinations for (no doubt muddy) excursions during 2013.

  2. Well I’d be an idiot not to mention my own site here! Only started halfway through the year but all is going well and I’m enjoying the hell out of it…check out the site if you wish and any feedback is great. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Rosemary and Ed for comments. Rosemary, yes, would be interested to see old Kilcoole Church alright. Ed, thanks – your blog looks really interesting. Will add it to my RSS feed and enjoy!


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