Tinnehinch Road, ca. 1957.

This image was uploaded by a website user and has been identified over on FaceBook as being just outside the Powerscourt Gate, on the road towards Lover’s Leap/Tinnehinch Hill. One of the signs says “The Dargle” . Does this mean the Dargle was still an (accessible) tourist attraction in 1950s?


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  1. Hi Michael,
    The picture of the horse and caravan I believe is not at Tinnahinch but at the cross roads at Old Connaught. The ‘green’ with the sign post was a triangle in the middle of the road and the road was Old Connaught Avenue going on to Ferndale Road. To the right of the green the road went up Ballyman Road. A road to the left of this went up Thornhill Road, hence the three pointers. The horse is heading to Bray.

  2. Hi Grainne I just logged on to check on whats new on the site and am looking at your comments on the caravans location, and you have me scratching my head. I, like most of us who grew up in the area was sure it was near powerscourt gate and the road going to summerhill hotel and Cookstown, then on to Kilcroney at the big tree. There was a gate before you got to the big tree at Sir Basil Gouldings home that I believe went into the north side on the dargle glen which would take you to lovers leap then on to the the road where we think the caravan is, however continue on Turn right at the big tree and you come to a gate leading into the Dargle valley on the south side of the river, there was a family named Fox lived at this cottage gate. Your observations have me wondering, I know the triangle you speak of very well because since I left home the route from Monastery to Bray and back via Ballyman Rd is much easier for a a long depart local than what used to be the the trip via Kilcroney and the Silver bridge to the Dargle Rd. Jim Doyle (Seamus) had an aunt living at at the old connaught corner of which you speak maybe he could shed some light on the subject. Tom.

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