Enniskerry at the Movies – 1926

Here is an incredible find. It is film released in 1926 called “Irish Destiny” which features Enniskerry as one of its locations. Can you help with other locations (details below)? Thanks to contributor Nivrum for sending this on.

The film, according to the source website:

  is a 1926 film made in Ireland, directed by George Dewhurst and written by Isaac Eppel to mark the tenth anniversary of the Easter Rising. The film was considered lost for many years until in 1991 a single surviving nitrate print was located by the Irish Film Institute in the United States’ Library of Congress. The institute’s archive had the film transferred to safety stock and restored. The institute then commissioned Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin to write a new score for the film. Irish Destiny is the first fiction film that deals with the Irish War of Independence, and the first and only film written and produced by Isaac (Jack) Eppel, a Dublin GP and pharmacist who also enjoyed a career as theater impresario and cinema owner.

Movie Still from "Irish Destiny" (part 2)

It is on YouTube in 8 parts. Part 2 has a significant amount of Enniskerry footage. Can you identify the unknown locations listed below?

Part 1: Movie Introduction and Credits – Introduction to village of Clonmore (Enniskerry), “as yet untouched by the horrors of war” (3:20). Also features Powerscourt Waterfall (8:48) – preceded by the River walk road?. Also Rathdrum train-station!

Part 2: Significant amount of footage in Enniskerry, beginning 2:52 to 4:40. Good views down Church Hill, looking towards town clock, and Magee’s shop. House at 6:30 – not sure if this is local? Ruin at the end of this section – again not sure if it is local.

Part 3: Outside scene at 2:30 – looks like the Feather Beds? A yard at 6:10. Outdoor scene at 6:58 and then is it Rocky Valley at 7:00? A long road at 9:00 (Old/New Long Hill?)

Part 4: River/road scene at 4:50.

Part 5: Small town at 0:57.

Part 6: Rural road at 4:16, (Monastery Road?), Country House at 6:29,

Part 7: House at 3:00.

Part 8: “Clonmore Green” at 4:56,



6 thoughts on “Enniskerry at the Movies – 1926

  1. That’s a great find.

    The scene in part one outside the school looks very like St Peter’s church in Bray

  2. I love the fact that the shop signs weren’t changed for the filming. It must of been a big event in the village at the time but I never heard a mention of it down the years, I’m sure many of the locals are in it.

  3. My grandfather was a british soldier in the film.his name was thomas o doherty I have one photograph of him holding prisoners. In real live he was seargent major thomas o doherty freestate army

    • Hi Thomas,
      Have you ever come across a Felix [Phelim or Phelan ] Mooney born about 1780. He had I believe at least 3 sons Daniel, PETER & Patrick . born 1809 – 1820 Ireland. This is the brick wall in my family tree.
      Best Regards
      John Mooney

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