War of Independence at Enniskerry

RIC Barracks (now Garda Station)

I don’t often stray into the 20th century here, but thanks to Judy Cameron for prompting this information, gleaned from some newspapers. They are some transcripts I found from May 1921. The Barracks was attacked on 28th May, resulting in the RIC moving temporarily into the Parochial Hall. Two articles reporting the attack are given below. As an aside, in July 1822, just after the beginning of the Civil War, Bray Barracks was burned out, and that gang came to Enniskerry afterwards and stole food from Tallon’s shop!

Freemans Journal 28 May 1921

Military GHQ Parkgate, Dublin issued the following communiqué:-

…Enniskerry RIC barrack was attacked yesterday with rifle fire and bombs. No casualties reported. Slight damage caused to the barrack. The barrack is situate in the principal street of the picturesque village and below the entrance to Powerscourt demesne. “Verey lights were sent up by the police and military, who are encamped above the village, hastened to their assistance.”…

Irish Independent 28 May 1921


…Enniskerry Onslaught – From the front and rear, Enniskerry RIC barracks was attacked with rifle fire and bombs yesterday morning. The onslaught lasted about an hour, the barrack windows being broken and some damage caused to a door. Some bombs were thrown and Verey lights sent up by the police, to whose assistance military encamped about the village hastened. The attack, a resident of the village told an “Irish Independent” representative, “began about 2.30 am with rifle firing. It was comparatively light at first, as if sniping operations were being carried out. Single shots appeared to have been exchanged for some time, and then the firing quickened, and was maintained at a rapid rate until 3.30, when it ceased.”

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  1. That’s brilliant. You don’t normally think of Enniskerry being directly affected by the War of Independence. Anther article I came across from the Independent Newspaper on July 1921;

    “While two military officers were sitting at a table in the coffee room, Powerscourt Arms Hotel, Bray district at 12.15 on Thursday, two revolver shots were fired at them. One shot passed through the hat of one officer bur he was not injured. Both officers returned the fire of their unknown assailant. with what affect is unknown. Neither officer was injured.”

    I presume these were two Military officers from those “encamped about the village” as mentioned in the previous article two months earlier.

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