3 thoughts on “Hall of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

  1. As far as I know my great grandfather donated the hall to the AOH. My aunt always thought it was part of the Wogan guest house before that. Up above the hall was known as the “back kitchen” to my aunt as a child and it was linked to the main house through an upstairs corridor. My great Aunt Josie lived up over the AOH in a self contained until (with an entrance stairs behind the hall) when I was young

    • Hi Una,
      I hope you are well. I was a friend of Dara (God rest his soul) and Patrick. I played with Bear Sr. on the rugby team at Pres Bray. I have some fond memories of that. I knew Josie well, she was a very special person. I hope your family is well. I remember you well.
      Very best regards
      William Delaney

  2. following up on my last comment, I talked to a couple of other people about the AOH hall and the conversation jogged a memory of a conversation I had with a relative some time ago. There was a story of a man that hung himself outside the main gates at Powerscourt many years ago.. I was interested because I heard it was a Wogan but I was told no, it was a man who had been drinking in the bar at Wogan’s. Seemingly there was a bar attached to the guesthouse and according to a couple of sources this bar was situated where the AOH hall now stands. My mother recalls vault like arches similar to where one would store beer, at the back of the hall. Maybe it was normal to have a small bar attends to a guesthouse?

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