Planning for Journal Issue 2

The 2nd issue of the journal is planned for this summer. This year I am thinking of having a theme based around local memories—be they photographs, anecodotes or stories of growing up in Enniskerry.

So hear ye, hear ye! Calling on anybody who would like to contribute. Contributions can be short or long, and take any form you want. The aim is to build a collection of memories relating to the village. Get talking to your mammies, aunts, and grandads, and all the other relatives in between. Break out the old photo albums-there are a few good stories behind those photographs.

In the mean time, enjoy this blog post from the Powerscourt Estate, recounting Ailbhe de Buitlear’s memories of the fire at Powerscourt House.

One thought on “Planning for Journal Issue 2

  1. I think it’s a great idea Michael. Perhaps to maybe target some of the older village residents and record their recollections of families, scholl days, etc, I’m sure many have photos also.

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