Houses in the Village 1855

On 22nd February, 1855, Captain Cranfield, the estate agent, wrote to the Guardians of Powerscourt who were responsible during the Minority, which the minute books recorded as follows.

Do you have any more details about these buildings, which seem in the main to run down Church Hill:

Captain Cranfield begs to submit a list of the unassured Houses in the Village of Enniskerry with their Value – By the expenditure of a few Pounds per annum any loss by fire would be prevented.

  • Police Barracks worth about £250
  • Next House £350
  • Office and Bailiffs House £400
  • Next ?down?  £150
  • Next £200
  • Next £500
  • Next (Blacksmiths) £100
  • Next £200
  • Courthouse £150
  • Dispensary £80
  • Shirley’s  £500
  • Lecture Room £200 (I’ve seen this referred to elsewhere as the Bishop of Cashel’s Lecture Room)
  • Infant School House £100
  • Murphy’s School House  £250
  • Mr Wilkinson’s House £600
  • Dr McCoy’s £600
  • Mr James’ £600
  • Mr Collin’s £600
  • Total £5930

All these holdings are at will.

In a note to the minute, William Wingfield, one of the three guardians of the estate wrote that the buildings Cranfield had listed ought to be insured.

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