Telephone Number: Enniskerry 8

If there is ever somebody who will find Wicklow Gold, it is Nivrum, who sends in these latest treasures. These were notices that appeared in an old tourist information booklet. Any thoughts on what date they could be?

Visit Powerscourt

Stay in Prosser’s and play some tennis

Summerhill Dinner Dance every Saturday Night


2 thoughts on “Telephone Number: Enniskerry 8

  1. I have no idea what the date might be on the notices collectively, the one for Powerscourt, a guess might be middle to late forties I think a shilling would have been a little steep for one pedesterian before the forties. I remember as a boy on a Sunday after tea going to the village and watching the tourists from Dublin coming down from Powerscourt or out of the pubs and boarding the buses to Dublin, “the latter group were not always steady on their feet”, I remember one Sunday one of the lads who had come out of a pub climbing up on a sidecar and the driver urging his horse to a gallop down the Bray road as two Garda chased after it. The pursued made a clean getaway. Never did find out what the incident was all about.

  2. John Prosser has informed me his grandfather died in 1937 so the Prosser ad with his grandmother Mrs E Prosser as proprietor (proprietrix?) would have to be after this date, late 1930’s or early 1940’s

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