Prosser’s Receipt (Archive Month #23)

To finish off the August Is Archive month series, something very special. Here is a receipt from H. B. Prosser’s High-Class Grocer and Provision Merchant issued in 1948. Isn’t it just amazing?! Huge thanks to Úna Wogan and Nancy Doran for this one.

If you have any old receipts, leaflets or other ephemera relating to Enniskerry, I would love to arrange to take a photograph of it so it can be archived for future safe-keeping.

4 thoughts on “Prosser’s Receipt (Archive Month #23)

  1. This is a great find, but although I lived within a half a mile or less of the Village from birth until leaving in the sixties I remember Prossers pub but not the grocery store. Was it located next to the pub?

      • It would have been Tommy as Angela and Frank remember their aunt Molly in the shop (Des and Mairead’s mother) and she died young in 1949.

        I wonder how people decided which shop to use?

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