ED1 File – Annacrevy NS (Archive Month #17)

Annacrevy school was a very old school in the parish—probably built at the same time as Powerscourt NS—and this application would lead it to being taken into connexion with the Board of Education, in 1866. The principal, Philip O’Connor, had been principal in the school since the early 1850s. The school no longer operates.

Co. Wicklow, District 40 ED1/101 No 89; 19-11-1866

(School Roll Number not noted)

Application for payment of teachers salary

Annacrevy, County of Wicklow, Barony of Rathdown, Parish of Powerscourt, Townland of Annacrevy

3. Enniskerry nearest post-town, 2 miles N of school

4. a large two story house in good condition

5. One schoolroom 40 ft by 16ft well lighted by 6 large windows

6. Four wooden desks each 10 feet long old and much worn. Twelve forms each 9 feet good. Teachers table and school press good.

7. Philip O’Connor, aged 54 years, Anne (daughter) aged 32 years

8. Av att 15, viz 10 13 5.

9. School opens at 10 AM and closes at 3 PM

10 From 10 am till 11 ½ Scriptural & Catechetical instruction

11. The books in use are those prescribed by the Ch. Ed. Society.

12. Visitors are admitted during school hours but no visitor is permitted to examine the pupils without the approbation of Patron or Superintendent

13 Patron The right Hon Viscount Powerscourt, Enniskerry

—- superintendent

Rev J L Bernard

Rev C McDonagh, Curate



States that the school was established over 50 years since. Only 1 dwelling/family is within a half mile radius of the site. Curtlestown is the nearest National school and its attendance will not be affected by this school. Other schools nearby are Enniskerry school, now an applicant (for the NS system?); also infant school and a private school in Enniskerry taught by a superannuated teacher formerly of Curtlestown NS.

School was hitherto connected with church Education Society, no aid in money, and the connexion will cease if school be aided by the Board. Lord Powerscourt, himself the patron, makes the change.

School is built of stone and mortar and slated, is in good repair without offices. It was built from funds of a former Lord Powerscourt. School rooms are also used for Divine  Service of the Church of England every Sunday afternoon.

A portion of the house is occupied by a teacher, without inconvenience to the school. Teacher is Philipp O’Connor, 54, appointed in Sept 51. £35 is currently provided by Lord Powerscourt, along with a good house, rent free.

Time for religious instruction will be altered to 2 – 3 per day as in Enniskerry school.

There were 10 children present at the time of inspection present (6M 4F), three are 21 males and 9 females on the books, with an average daily attendance of 13 over the last 6 months (gender not distinguished).

Rev Thomas O’Dwyer stated his determination to oppose the attendance of catholic children so long as the school shall be under a protestant teacher.

Lord Powerscourt, through his agent Mr Posnett, stated that Lord Powerscourt will provide for any expenditure necessary in fitting up the school.

The only impediment to the school being received into connexion with the Commissioners is the use of the School for Divine Service.

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