ED2 Files: Enniskerry No. 2 NS (Archive Month #16)

These archives relate to Enniskerry No. 2 School, initially housed in the old fever hospital, then behind the library, before moving to its present location beside the RC Church. These ED2 files trace the minutes from the establishment of the School in 1869 to 1905.

ED2/157 Folio 9 (19 crossed out)

Roll number is 10177, subsequently crossed out. Locally established 22 Feb 1869, dimensions etc not given.



6 Apr 1869

Grant £14 salary to Mary Ryan from 1.3.69 – books for 50, sale stock £1 : 5 : 0. Rev T O’Dwyer named as manager and correspondent

18 May 1871

Temporary change of house pending erection of new house, sanctioned till 31-8-71

12 Dec 1872

Mary Hayden dismissed from 31.1.73 for insufficient answering at exams

27 Feb 1874

As to erection of new school – wait


Application for new school (Roll Number 11353) – cancel roll No 10177


Inspector (manager being dead) to explain to teacher why passes in girls roll book were disallowed. ?– Given date – is this entered on this page in error?


Mary Ryan 1.3.69 to 30.6.71

Mary Hayden Principal, 1.7.71 dismissed from 31-7-73.

Folio 16

Roll number 11353 (states that transferred to District 38 from 1.4.79)

Taken into connection with the board 1 Nov 1875, transfer from roll number 10177.



21 Dec 1875

On application – Grant £32 salary to Jm Golden from 1.11.75, free stock for 100 pupils.

15 Dec 1875

On application, note from Lord Powerscourt acceding to applicants request to become patron. Applicants requested to say whether we are to enter Lord Powerscourt’s name on books as Patron.

L2110/75 from applicant states that he only intended Lord P to become joint patron with him

By a noting dated 21.12.75 applicant withdraws Lord Powerscourt’s name as Joint Patron

14 Dec 1876

Managers informed that the commissioners cannot sanction appointment of female monitress as the average is amply sufficient for a female assistant . Proprietry of appointing an A-?D? suggested?


£25 salary with share of results fees to Anne Golden as assistant from 1.4.78

9.Jan 1879

Manager requested to caution monitors for irregularity in signing vouchers


·         Jmh golden Principal, 1119 D 40 (– reference to coming from Curtlestown?)

·         Annie Golden, Assistant, appointed 1-4-78 from Stonepark, Roll No 7878, D 28.

ED2/151 Folio 38

States that school became connected with board on 1st Nov 1875, it is non vested and Rev T O’Dwyer is the original applicant and correspondent. There are two school rooms, 41 x 20 ½ x 11 feet. The roll number is 11353

Note at top says transferred from District 40 from 1-4-79




Correspondence 18/11/79, Rules, books, house, teacher, — proficient, satisfactory. Teachers Jeremiah Golden (Principal) and Ann Golden (Asst)

1 Jun 1880

Rev T Dwyer, manager, informed that head inspector states that school is badly organised and master;s arrangements unskilful.

3 Aug 1880

Mary j Dempsey continued as 2nd class monitor for a 2nd period of service from 1.1.80 as she is ineligible for promotion to the rank of first class monitor under rule 183.

30 Jun 1883

Wm Patterson asked to forward report of trial on charge of seduction against Mr J Golden, master. Case up with file No_____ [no number].

14 Nov 1883

Rev T O’Dwyer PP Manager informed that it is not desirable that Mrs Golden, Asst, should become substitute for Mr J Golden, master, during his absence in training. Miss Feehily will be accepted as qualified substitute for Mr Golden.

Nov 1885

Appears to be a quote from report RR 13022.12.85

Showing regard to the favourable character upon the whole of this report and to the fact that while Jeremiah Golden was undergoing the course of training upon which he passed the unsatisfactory examination, he was labouring under great anxiety and distraction of mind consequent upon a false accusation of a grievous character: ordered that the depression in classification which ensued upon the unsatisfactory be now rescinded and that Jeremiah Golden be recognized as ranking in his original class 3I.

Note at bottom says transferred to Dist 40 folio 87 Vol II from 1 April 1886.

 ED2/157 Folio 87

Roll number 11353



14 Dec 1886

Agricultural supt. – School garden recognised from 1 April 86.

20 May 1889

Rev M Patterson PP recognised as manager, he being the clerical successor to Rev T O’Dwyer

28 June 1890

Rev Charles Cuddihy PP recognised as being manager, being clerical successor to Rev Michael Patterson who has resigned and left Ireland

No date

Agl. L68 with school garden results to report part II, 14.6.93 – Mr Carroll informed that commissioners have learned that it is a practice of children of this school to follow travellers along the road with flowers got sale ad that practice appears to commissioners to ne objectionable on several grounds and therefore to be discouraged.

11 Aug 1896

Salary withdrawn from monitor, Michael Golden for unsatisfactory answering on results and special courses

9 Apr 1898

Manager informed that it is open to him to make arrangements on the timetable of the school for the dismissal of the infant pupils at 2 pm should he approve of this course as under all circumstances desirable. In the revised rules about to be issued.  There will be found a proviso for the shortening the school time for this class of pupils at option of managers whether in the case of a continuous days’ attendance on in two separate attendances with suitable interval.

Manager states he does not wish to make any changes at present in school time of infants.

7 Dec 1898

Exemption from —(Industrial?) Prog. granted for current results period until further notice.

9 Nov 1899

Manager informed that as Miss Mary Golden is not serving as teacher or monitor in Enniskerry (2) NS she does not fulfil the conditions laid by Eng. Education department (for entrance to Training College).

19 April 1902

Manager informed a proper cause in case of epidemic (include children from infected houses) – usual letter. In reply, he states that he is glad to learn that he is not bound to close school. “Note and up”

15 Dec 1902

Inspector asked if rule as to extra instruction of monitor is non complied with

26 Mar 1903

Inspector replies that rule will be observed in future

4 Mar 1904

Manager informed that the inspectors reports on the school are not such as would warrant the commissioners in increasing the present grant to the principal teacher, Mr Jeremiah Golden.

28 Mar 1904

Manager informed that a teacher who has not merited even one “Good” report out of three should not expect an increase of salary and that Mr J Golden, Principal teacher, has only gained “Fair” reports.

31 May 1905

Salary withdrawn from Jeremiah Golden from 30/6/05 – inefficiency – claim for pension to be applied to the pensions office

1 Aug 1905

Late Jeremiah Golden informed through the manager that an excess fee of 2/7/ ¾ may be charged as an average school fee from the pupils between 3 and 15 attending this school.

15 – ? – 1905

Inspector states that Mr Golden late teacher injured the school garden by mutilating about a dozen rose trees.

Late teacher Mr Golden entitled to pension of £35 per annum.

Registration continued in Co Wicklow, Vol I, Folio 76.

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