ED1 File: Enniskerry No. 2 March 1869 (Archive Month #14)

This application refers to a school that was housed in a room in the old Fever Hospital on Kilgarran Hill. As this was the first application for this school, it would have meant that on acceptance, this school would be taken into connection with the Board of Education. The School would later move to a site next to the library, and move again to its present position beside the church.

ED1/97  No. 22: Enniskerry No.2 Roll #10177 Co. Wicklow, District 40

Application by Rev Thomas O’Dwyer, 10 March 1869, for aid towards the payment of teacher’s salary and supply of requisites.

No questions on form

  1. Enniskerry
  2. Wicklow, Rathdown, Powerscourt, Kilgarron
  3. Enniskerry
  4. One room, well built, lighted and ventilated with a good boarding
  5. The room is 20 feet 2 inches by 18 feet – height 11 ½ feet
  6. Two large tables and a sufficient of forms for present use
  7. Mary Ryan – aged 19 years
  8. Average – boys 21.6 girls 20.8
  9. From 10 am to 3 pm
  10. Religious instruction to protestants and Roman Catholics on alternate days – RC – Monday Wednesday Friday; P. On the other days
  11. The elementary National School Books
  12. The National School Board rule regarding visitors observed
  13. Patron – the Right Honourable The Viscount Powerscourt; Manager Rev T O’Dwyer PP
  14. The Rev Thomas O’Dwyer, Enniskerry

Note on back indicates £14 salary for Mary Ryan from 1st March 1869


Report on application

States school was established 22 Feb 1869. Notes two national schools nearby, Curtlestown, 2 ½ miles, average attendance 44 and Enniskerry, a few perches, average attendance 22. Both non-vested. A tracing showing the position of the schools is included. (based on County Wicklow, sheet 7). Infant school is also marked. States also that the school is entirely new. It is built of stone etc, slated in good repair. No offices as yet exist for the school. School room is 20 feet long, 18 feet wide and 11 feet high. It was built in a large house formerly a hospital property of Lord Powerscourt. Wholly employed as a school house. There are three windows, 5 by 3 ¾ feet. No portion of the house is as yet occupied by teachers, but “it is probable that one of the vacant rooms will be allowed for teachers use. This would not cause inconvenience.”

Other rooms – “Three rooms are occupied by families in Lord Powerscourt’s employment”.

Desks – six desks and forms of good make have been ordered, length 10 feet. A table for the teacher has been ordered. Teacher is Mary Ryan, aged 19 ½. She served as a paid monitress.

Usage of school: Up to this date there has been no national school nearer than Curtlestown to which Roman Catholics parents have been at liberty in all respects to send their children.

Attendance, from 22 Feb (opening of school)

–          23 males, 23 females present at time of inspection

Inspector has communicated by letter with the protestant rector. He has not replied; is ?correspondent of the Enniskerry N. School supported by Viscount Powerscourt who extends his patronage to this school also.

Report states that no offices are available to the school but Lord Powerscourt has undertaken to get some wooden structures put up.

In reporting whether the inspector had communicated with Lord Powerscourt, he wrote:

“Lord Powerscourt signified his intention of being present at inspection but could not come and requested that — report to him the communication of the school. In reply to my communication he agreed to arrange for a free apartment for the teacher and temporary out offices. He will probably find a site for a new school-house if this school succeeds in reference to attendance, etc for the school will accommodate a considerable number of children who cannot otherwise share the advantages of a National Education; as it is established under favourable ?auspices? and likely to prove efficient, I recommend it with confidence for the Commissioners acceptance and aid.

Mar 16th 1869, S MacSheehy, District Inspector of Schools.

Note added to cover: Grant 1/4/69.


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