The long life of Mary Heffernan

A great find from Úna Wogan, posted on the Discussion Board and well worth repeating here, this is an extract from an article in the Liverpool Mercury dated March 30th 1838.

I thought the piece was lovely. Maybe someone out there has Heffernan ancestors:

“Longevity – Died on the 7th instant at Ballybrew, in the parish of Powerscourt, aged 110 years, Mary Heffernan. She was eleven years old at the time of the hard frost which commenced in 1739. She wet nursed the late Mr Robin Walker, who died about eight years since at the advanced age of eighty. This aged woman’s faculties continued perfect till within a few hours of her death. During the last year of her life she was able frequently to walk to Enniskerry, a distance of two miles, and return the same day”

Good genes to have if anyone is related!

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