National Board of Education: Index Files (Archive Month #11)

The next several posts will be relating to the archives of schools in the parish and their correspondence with the Board of Education, which was established in 1831. Once schools opted to be “taken into connexion with the board”, there was a range of correspondence with the Commissioners for Education and notes kept by their Inspectors, which makes for very rich local archival data. The index to all of this information is in the National Archives on index cards, and for our local schools is reproduced below. Subsequent posts will provide the details of those archives.

There were several types of records. The two I focussed on were:

  • ED1: Applications for grants. These were applications for grants to be taken into connexion with the Board. They could be used to apply for school buildings, but in all cases relevant to us, school buildings already existed from local endeavours, so applications were usually for funds to pay for teachers and materials
  • ED2: Inspectors Registers. These are fascinating minute books recording any dealings with the school. They detail reports on teachers, school conditions, and so on.
  • (Also ED9: Files relating to individual schools)

Index Card Notes for Schools in Enniskerry locality

Click links where available to go to a transcription of that archive.

Curtlestown Roll #1119

County Wicklow District 40 & 38

Initial Application: 9 Jul 1834 ED1/95 No 18

Further Applications:

12 Apr 1855 ED1/96 No 7

24 Nov 1861 ED1/95 No 108

9 July 1863 ED1/95 No 96

5 Apr 1875 ED1/97 No 52

Register: ED2/49 Folio 23, 62; ED2/165 Folio 15, 64; ED2/151 Folio 18

Also under Cuttlestown (separate card index)

ED9/742, 15186, 19030

Enniskerry No 2 Roll #10177 and #11353

District 40, 38

Initial Application: 17 Mar 1869 ED1/97 No 22 

15 Apr 1878 ED1/98 No 21

Register: ED2/157 No 9; ED2/151 Folio 38; ED2/157 No 87

File No ED9/1754, 11842, 18339

Enniskerry (Powerscourt) Roll #9760

Initial Application: 19 Nov 1866 ED1/97 No 6

Further Application: Indexed in error here in NAI cards – refers to Enniskerry No. 2

Register: ED2/157 Folio No 4; ED2/151 Folio No 34

Other Schools

Dargle School (Roll #982): ED2/49, Folio 12

Annacrevy: ED1/101, Folio 89; ED2/151, Folio 55; ED2/157, Folio 98




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