Aerial View of Enniskerry (Archive Month #8)

This one is from the family archives! An aerial view of Enniskerry. What date do you think it is? There is one car that I can spot. I am guessing it is Prosser’s shop front and the optimist in me thinks the planting at Magee’s corner (opposite present toilets) follows the line of the old mill race…

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4 thoughts on “Aerial View of Enniskerry (Archive Month #8)

  1. A great photo, it’s amazing how built up the Dublin road is since then. What sticks out are the lamp posts, particularly the one at the townclock, did you mention somewhere before the date they were installed?

    • Yes I love it. A modern equivalent is on the site. I’m afraid I am totally ignorant about it – have something to suggest it’s 1940s – but nothing concrete. Must check out lamposts – will see if I can get a clearer zoom. Interesting to compare with other photos to see if they were there – might help with date!

        • Great photo, it almost takes in the bottom lodge on Kilgarron hill, so near!
          I don’t see a phonebox so this might help date it.

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