Bray War Memorial (picture from informatique on Flickr)

Unveiling of Bray War Memorial by Lord Powerscourt, 1923

One of the first war memorials in the Free State was unveiled in 1923 by Lord Powerscourt at Bray. The memorial—a Celtic cross made from Tullamore limestone on a plinth of Wicklow granite—was designed by Sir Thomas Manley Deane and…

A visit to Killruddery House

A visit to Killruddery House

The website gives plans for various types of driving tours in Wicklow and Kildare. The Great Houses tour includes the houses Killruddery, Powerscourt, Russborough, Castletown, and Carton. I have now visited four of the five, Carton so far elusive….

Curtlestown Graveyard (St Patrick's Church)

Curtlestown Graveyard (St Patrick’s Church)

I have compiled all of the headstones that are currently in Curtlestown Graveyard (July 2013). Photos of each headstone are on the Flickr page, named by the surname on the headstone to allow for some primitive searching. Click here to…

Driving seat: Richard (Dick) Seery, back seat: Joey Troy, front left with cap: Ned Doogan, front right: Charile or Ned Tuite

(Thanks to Dick Seery)

In the driving seat

Something tells me they didn’t own this car… You can see all of the latest photos collected at the Gathering weekend at: Is this the same day? (Thanks to Dick Seery)

Mr and Mrs Reilly revisited

Mr and Mrs Reilly revisited

One of the first photos sent in to the website was this one of Mr and Mrs Reilly. All we knew was that it was possibly someone on the Powerscourt Estate, as it came from an old Wingfield album. Thanks…

(L-R): Catriona Monaghan, Cormac Mac Raois, Angela O'Neill, Kay Smithers, Una Davis, Pauline Slevin, Tom Slevin, Mairead Gregory, John Clarke

School Days

After an incredible 45 years in service, Kay Smithers retired in 1982. She taught at least two if not three generations of Enniskerry children. Her career began before the “new” school was built beside St Mary’s Church. Here is a…

Enniskerry Library, 2007, soon after renovation

Enniskerry Carnegie Library

Enniskerry Library was built in 1911, after land was made available by Lord Powerscourt (8th Viscount). His father had made land available in the same plot thirty years before for a school, which can be seen in this photo. According…