Follow the history of Powerscourt House, Gardens, & Estate

The History of PowerscourtAs part of a new project documenting the history of Powerscourt, a sub-site of the Enniskerry History website is now live. It aims to focus on the history of Powerscourt estate, which I have been researching for several years.

Over this series of posts (target: 100!) I aim to retell the story of Powerscourt – the house, the gardens and the estate. There’ll be a spotlight on the lords of the manor as well as the labourers on the moor; so I hope there will be something to interest everyone.

The first articles in the series are now live, and you can follow the website for regular updates:

  1. The scarf which your majesty wears
  2. In the interregnum
  3. Things just as they were
  4. Settling down in medieval Powerscourt
  5. Inside the medieval castle at Powerscourt