Landowners in Enniskerry, 1876

The following is a list of returns for Enniskerry in the report “Landowners in Ireland: Return of owners of land of one acre and upwards” published in 1876. The list is not comprehensive, as it is only informative if people who are resident on that land. For example, Benjamin Lee Guinness comes in as owning nearly 1500 acres of land in Wicklow, but his address is simply: “Dublin”. There is also a Joseph Darlington, a good 19th century Enniskerry name, who owns just over an acre, but again he lives outside the county, so we can’t say if he is indeed an Enniskerry man. Nevertheless, it is an interesting compilation. The most valuable piece of land based on size is that belonging to the representatives of Rev Luke King at Cookstown, which is worth over £7.50 per acre. The extent of the Powerscourt estate is given as nearly 37,000 acres, while Charleville is about one tenth of that. Nevertheless that value of land at Charleville per acre is almost double that of Powerscourt.

Name Address Extent of land (acres) Value (£)
Evans, John Crone 454 113
Grattan, Lady Laura Tinnehinch 58 122
King, Representatives of Rev Luke, Cookstown 75 568
Monck, Viscount Charleville 3434 1556
Powerscourt, Lord Viscount Powerscourt 36693 8890
Young, Eliza Cookstown 3 60

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