Powerscourt family and local notables, 1901

Here’s a high resolution version of the Powerscourt family portrait, taken in 1901. Lord Powerscourt, 7th Viscount, is seated in the centre, with his wife behind him and children behind him, including the future 8th Viscount, who had just come of age. The 7th Viscount died in 1904. There are several Enniskerry notables are in the picture, including Lord Monck of Charleville. Thanks to Úna Wogan for this high resolution version.

Seated in front: Lord and Lady Powerscourt, Behind (centre): their three daughters and two sons - Lady Templemore, the Hon. Mrs Vandeyer, Lo rd Powerscourt and the Hon Maurice Wingfield. Included in the back are Mr Edmund D'Olier, the Lord Monck, Father Cuddy PP, Mr M Tallon, Mr Augustine Ryder, Mr Syme, Archdeacon Galbraith, Mr Richard Barrington, Mr Wogan, Mr John Pluck, Mr Bernard Mason, Mr Frank Buckley, Mr JC Buckley, Mr Philip Barrington.

The Irish Times republished the photograph several years later, giving a list of those in it.