Who’s Who? Enniskerry 1895

After the fire at the Powerscourt Arms Hotel in 1894, a subscription system was set up to assist the owners rebuild the hotel. The Freeman’s Journal, 9th January, 1895, listed all subscribers who had donated (Thanks to Úna Wogan & Roger Sutton).

What do we know about any of these people on the list?

Burning of the Enniskerry Hotel

The Committee who are Collecting Subscriptions for the purpose of enabling the proprietor to tide over his present difficulties met to-day at the Court House, Enniskerry, when the following subscriptions were announced. The Final Meeting of the Committee will be held on the 14th inst at 12 o’clock noon, so that all persons intending to subscribe will kindly do so this week. Treasurers – Dr James Hamilton and Professor Mackintosh, Enniskerry.

Already acknowledged – £204
Thomas LeFanu, Summerhill – £1
AB? per Archdeacon Galbraith – 10s
A Sympathiser 1-10
M Wogan jun, Enniskerry-10s
JH Keegan, Kiltiernan – £2
H Booth- £1
AS Sutton, Golden Ball – £1
JT Morris – £1
W Collier, Bray £10
The Ladies Howard, Wingfield £1-10
James Doyle, Coolnaskeagh – £1
Augustine Ryder, Kilmacanogue £1
Bat Byrne, Goldmines and J Hunt 10s
Joseph Doyle, Enniskerry £1
Wm Collis Moore £1
Messrs Wilkinson, Salesmasters £5
Joseph D Cope £5
Messrs John D’Arcy and Sons, Usher street 10-10
Thomas Saunders, Dundrum £5
Edward Robinson, Leabeg £2
Mr Carter £2
Gavin Low £2
William Gilchrist £1
John Byrne £1
Samuel Sutton £1
MF O’Reilly £1
William Murphy £1
Andrew Gawley £1
Lanaham Buckley £1
William O’Neill £1
Richard Graham £1
Patrick Donovan £1
Smith and Griffin £1
Laurence Cuff £1
Mr Bobbett Coolaheart £1
Paul and Vincent £1
William Byrne £1
Ralph Valentine, Bray 10s
Mrs Casey, Bray 10s
John Barr and P Barr £1
M McQuaid 10s
TB Miller, Enniskerry £2
EE Davidson £1
Wm Buckley, Milltown £2
John Saunders £1
Henry Whitton, Templecarrigg £1
Rev L Ryan CC, Enniskerry £1
Rev – Nolan CC, Enniskerry £2
JT Buckley, Enniskerry £2
TA Collins, Easton £2
JC Buckley, Enniskerry £3
WG Syme, Bray £1

Freeman’s Journal, 9th January 1895