Early Photograph of the Village

Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all and then another email comes along to surprise. Here is an absolutely fantastic photograph of the village, from a slightly different perspective than usual. It’s time to get your grandfather’s monocle out as you’ll need to look very closely to see something the contributor has noticed.

At the town clock, we’re used to seeing one tree, but in this one there are two! The land at the town clock almost looks as if it is planted – perhaps a green? Since there was only one tree in the 1880s, that means this photo must be earlier. I had a very close look at the 1860 photo of the village taken by Lewis Wingfield, reproduced in the book, and there are two trees in that! One of them obviously came down in the 1870s – perhaps in a storm?

My only dilemma about all of this is that if we look at the 1840s sketches and earlier, there are no trees marked. The 1840 OS map does indicate a cluster of trees where the town clock would be built in 1843. So perhaps the trees were very small then, or were planted when the clock was built—is it reasonable to consider the trees in this picture to be 30-40 years old?

Have a look – of course there is a lot more in this photo to discuss as well – like the quality of the house in the foreground!

Early photograph of Enniskerry Village (with thanks to contributor Nivrum)