Pensioners of Powerscourt 1844 (Archive Month #10)

A few months ago, I posted up some details of workmen’s account books for Powerscourt, held in the National Library Powerscourt collection manuscripts. Another related item is a list of people receiving pensions from Powerscourt (MS 43,038/3). I think this would have been unusual, or at least uncommon, for the time, and is probably another indication that Powerscourt treated his staff reasonably well for the time.

Lord Viscount Powerscourt’s Pensioners for the quarter ending 31st December 1844

Name Address
Yearly Pension Signature
Mary Harney Curtlestown £8 Her mark
Sarah Fox Ballinagee £10 Sarah Fox
Elizabeth Fitzwilliam Drumcondra £7 13s 4d
Paul Murphy Kilmolin £8 His mark
Lucinda Hacket Alms House £8 Her mark
Mary Flood Ballybrew £5 4s Her mark
Margaret Toole Near Kingstown £5 5s Her mark
Bridget McGuirk Glencree £3 5s Her mark
Robert Walsh Coolakey £2 12s His mark
Anne Barnwide? Drumcondra  £6

Total amount payable in last quarter: £15 19s 10d

Correction – The Drumcondra residents didn’t sign – they seem to have been paid a total amount in advance or else will be paid at the end of the year.